Jessica Hornsby

Get to know Mrs. Hornsby, CCHS School Counselor


As a School Counselor, my biggest passion is providing real-world connections to the classroom and school environment. From personal success, to life's trials and tribulations, to college and career readiness, I am a proud resource for students as they carry on through their middle and high school years. I want students to feel connected to the school environment through hands-on activities, active participation in creating the school climate, and representation of Charles City County when they enter higher education, military options, or the world of work.

Each student in CCHS will have access to valuable information and will receive ample support from the administrative team as they move through towards graduation. More than anything, I want my students to feel that they always have someone with an open heart and open ears for them whenever they need it (but don't try to get out of class and hang out in my office - I'm flattered, but "it ain't happening!")

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