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Charles City County Public Schools begins its budget process in September of each year when it develops the budget development calendar for the following Fiscal School Year.

Projections are then prepared for student enrollment and staffing and each departments is responsible for preparing their budget. Department budgets are due to the Superintendent by the end of October.

The Superintendent identifies and discusses budget priorities with the department managers, School Board, and County Administration. In January The Superintendent presents his proposed budget to the School Board. After a number of budget work sessions, the School Board adopts the budget in late March.

Upon School Board adoption, the budget is sent to the County for consideration by the Board of Supervisors. The Board Chair and Superintendent present the School Board’s adopted budget to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisor’s typically adopts a budget in late Spring.  

You may click below to view the budget documents:

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The Mission of Charles City Public Schools is to develop self-sustaining, responsible and educated adults who can contribute and work to improve their community and the world.


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