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Welcome to the Technology Services Department.  This responsibilities of this department include maintaining networks, firewalls, overall system functions, and hardware.  Technology Services works in collaboration with the Educational Technology Department which provides the educational tools and training to support teaching and learning for students and staff.    

Together, our overall technology mission is to provide educational opportunities that promote 21st Century skills, digital citizenship, and global collaboration through the innovative use of technology to foster and enhance excellence in teaching and learning.

Specifically, we envision that technology will:Shadow Man with laptop computer image

-provide global access to information;

-meet the curricular needs of all learners and address diverse learning styles;

-develop and strengthen critical thinking skills that foster creativity;

-provide both access and interaction with the curriculum and its resources;

-provide the means for increased efficiency and effectiveness for delivery of information;

-allow immediate feedback to all stakeholders;

-enhance the ability to frequently assess and monitor student progress to inform instruction;

-develop and strengthen skills and proficiencies necessary for the workplace;

-promote the shared responsibility and ownership of learning with students and families;

-improve academic achievement for all students; and

-promote digital literacy and global citizenship for all stakeholders.

Today's world and technology changes rapidly.  This is also the case for our students.  Each student is unique and bring with them diverse experiences and backgrounds.  Our students are digital natives who embrace the technology and naturally know how to use it to function and communicate in the world around them.  The traditional classroom of the past is very different than the 2SAMR1st  Century classroom.  Classrooms are becoming more student-centered and provide students an opportunity to experience learning with the use of techn
ology.  CCPS uses the SAMR model for technology.  This model assists us in moving from just using technology as a substitution to having technology help redefine how to make instruction more effective.

In CCPS, all students in grades 32 participate in our 1:1 laptop initiative. Each student received a Dell Latitude 3160/3189 touch screen unit to complete assignments and take home daily.  Each classroom K-12 is equipped with an interactive whiteboard for instructional use.


The CCPS Technology Plan is available below:

CCPS Technology Plan

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