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School divisions are held accountable to meet various state and federal benchmarks so as to improve their schools and their students' achievement.  Some of these benchmarks are measured by annual student assessment results while other are measured by other indicators such as graduation and dropout rates.  Similarly, school divisions use additional key performance indicators (data) by which to measure other focus areas for improvement.  The different data points are used to inform decision making across the division and in the schools.

CCPS SOL Pass Rates: 2016-2017

CCHS SOL Pass Rates: 2016-2017

CCES SOL Pass Rates: 2016-2017

Note:  Writing is no longer a SOL assessment in the elementary school.

School Quality Profiles

Virginia’s new School Quality Profiles are a new way to look at the performance of Virginia’s public schools (in place of the former report card format) to more effectively communicate to parents and the public about student achievement, college and career readiness, program completion, school safety, teacher quality and other topics of interest.

School Quality Profiles are available for all schools, school divisions, and for the state.   Please click on the buttons below to go directly to the the division's profiles. 

(Note:  The profiles are interactive; you may change the settings or selections and refresh in order to see data for different subgroups, etc.)

The District Summary Report 2016 is the detailed student achievement report for CCPS that presents the various data points to include the results and trends for:  accreditation, SOL assessments, comparisons to state and other like divisions, achievement gaps, graduation and dropout, enrollment, and college readiness assessments (PSAT, SAT, ACT).

Accreditation Ratings for schools throughout Virginia from the Department of Education.

Graduation and Dropout Rates for the commonwealth, school divisions and high schools throughout Virginia from the Department of Education.

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