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In supporting our division's vision to provide excellence in teaching and learning every day for every student, both curriculum and instruction play pivotal roles.  Curriculum outlines the essential knowledge and skills that provides a "road map" for the learning that needs to happen to meet and exceed the standards.  Instruction is the means by which the learning will be delivered.

Program of Studies

The CCPS Program of Studies is an important document dePOS Picsigned to give families and students the information, guidance and knowledge to successfully develop a student success plan for graduation.  Its pages contain an outline of the courses and options that are available to every student to develop a successful K-12 roadmap.


Honors Program

Honor level course work is designed to provide challenging experiences where students are expected to demonstrate rich, divergent thinking during inquiry-based discussions as well as reflect it in their work. Students who are not flourishing in this environment will be assigned to a moHonors Picre appropriate setting.

In order to participate in honor level coursework, a student must have:

  • Met the criteria on the academic teacher recommendation form
  • Passing scores for SOL tests with 450 or higher in content area
  • Passing grades from the previous year (B or better in content area, C or better for World Languages)
  • An attendance record that positively impacts academic success

If you are interested in honor level coursework (Advanced, Honor, AP or DE), have your current teacher complete the recommendation to the next course as an honors level. The teacher will turn it in to the school counseling.  You will need one recommendation for each content area for which you are seeking honors participation.


Balanced Literacy

It starts with the basics. The wording in the Charles City County Public Schools’ Strategic Plan is clear. All students will meet high standards of achievement by demonstrating excellence in the skills necessary to compete in a global economy. Word work and balanced literacy are integral to achieving this goal. In order for students to develop the skills they need to meet high academic standards and compete in a global economy they must practice reading, writing and communicating. This opens the door for critical thinking in all subject areas. Balanced literacy is the foundation and the framework.


Curriculum Frameworks

Click on the subject area of interest to view the Curriculum Frameworks as set by the Virginia Department of Education.

English Curriculum Frameworks

Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12

Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II

Science Curriculum Frameworks

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade Life Science Physical Science
Earth Science Biology Chemistry

History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Virginia Studies U.S. History to 1865
U.S. History 1865 to Present Civics & Economics World Geography
World History/Geo to 1500 World History/Geo 1550 to Present VA & U.S. History
 VA & U.S. Government    

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