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Laura Richardson 
GATE Resource Teacher
Dr. Todd Perelli
Director of TLA
Linda Easter
Administrative Assistant

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As part of the overall vision and mission Charles City County Public Schools to provide excellence in teaching and learning to all students, we strive to recognize and identify diverse gifted learners and provide the educational services and opportunities to meet their unique needs and potential.

The Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted explains the details, goals and aspects of the gifted education program in Charles City County.  

Referral for Identification
If you are interested in referring your child for identification in the gifted education program, please click on the forms link below and return to your child's school office. For more information, please contact the division gifted resource teacher.
Other Forms
If your child found ineligible for placement in the GATE program, please use this form to declare your appeal to the decision and return it to the gifted resource teacher who will forward it to the Director of TLA.  
Also, to request your child be exited from the GATE program, please use the next form to make that request and return it to the gifted resource teacher.  
Enrichment Opportunities
There are some wonderful enrichment programs and other opportunities that are available for the gifted or high-ability, high interest students outside our division hosted by colleges and universities. Parents may want to consider placing their names on their mailing lists to receive program information.

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