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Jennifer Richardson
ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)
Dr. Todd Perelli
Director of TLA
Linda Easter
Administrative Assistant

Today's world and technology changes rapidly.  This is also the case for our students.  Each student is unique and bring with them diverse experiences and backgrounds.  Our students are digital natives who embrace the technology and naturally know how to use it to function and communicate in the world around them.  The traditional classroom of the past is very different than the 2SAMR1st  Century classroom.  Classrooms are becoming more student-centered and provide students an opportunity to experience learning with the use of technology.  CCPS uses the SAMR model for technology.  This model assists us in moving from just using technology as a substitution to having technology help redefine how to make instruction more effective.

1:1 Initiative at CCPS

In CCPS, all students in grades 32 participate in our 1:1 laptop initiative. Each student received a Dell Latitude 3160/3189 touch screen unit to complete assignments and take home daily.  Additionally, each student is assigned an Office 365 account giving them access to OneNote, our digital platform for instructional delivery.  In this notebook, students are expected to maintain classwork, homework, and other class materials.  This will also be the platform for teachers to distribute and receive student work.  

Forms and Documents

The following forms must be completed and returned before students can receive a school issued device.

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