School Health Services

Teaching, Learning & Accountability


Shelia Wooden, RN
High School School Nurse
Donna Brown, LPN
Elementary School Nurse
Dr. Wendy Cauley
Director of TLA
Linda Easter
Student Registrar
Administrative Assistant

School health programs in Charles City Public Schools support the physical and emotional well being of students through school nursing services, health education covering a range of developmentally appropriate topics and other services that promote a healthy learning environment.

Health Services Goals for Promoting Student Success:

  • Assess and monitor students and/or staff health complaints via walk-in clinics as needed.
  • Provide a temporary resting place as needed, or refer to parent/guardian for pick up, or to have follow-up with physician.
  • Administer prescription or over-the-counter medications as required by physician and/or parent/guardian.
  • Provide mandated screenings.
  • Provide care in emergency situations.

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