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SOL Testing

Next week will be the beginning of SOL Testing here at Charles City Public Schools.  Please click here to view a calendar of testing dates.  

First Graders Learn about Seeds

Students in first grade classes participated in a lesson and activity on planting seeds today.  Ms. Williams, guest reader, and Ms. Evans, instructional assistant, coordinated activities for first grade students to use their knowledge of how plants grow and recycling to make flower planters from recycled milk cartons.  Students learned about how seeds and plants spread in the wild and then planted their own flower seeds to watch grow! 

CCES 1G Planting Seeds CCES 1G Planting Seeds 2 CCES 1G Planting Seeds 3

Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration

Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 9 a.m. to noon at Charles City Elementary School.
Kindergarten Registration Information Pk Registration Information

Grandparent's Day Luncheon- March 22, 2019

Grandparent's Day Luncheon March 22, 2019. Lunches will be $4.00. Contact the CCES office for more details.

CCES Makerspace

Fun times in our Maker Space today at CCES.  Two of our 4th grade classes created marshmallow launchers.  We talked about force and motion and ways to design the launchers that will make them travel farther.  Some of the students even changed the design of the launcher to make the marshmallows travel farther and faster.  They asked lots of questions relating to force and motion.   Lots of fun! 

CCES Makerspace

CCES Students Place in STEM Contest

CCES has some exciting news to share!!   Teams of our 5th and 6th grade students recently entered the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundations STEM challenge and we are happy to announce that our 5th grade group placed in the top 3 and our 6th graders placed in the top ten.  Our fifth graders will get the opportunity to travel to the American Revolutionary Museum in December They will receive a free tour of the museum and compete in the finals competition. 
The contest asked students to build a trebuchet of their own design from a list of materials.  They were then required to create a video firing the trebuchet and explaining their process, materials, and demonstrating the trebuchet for distance and accuracy.  Way to go CCES!!

 Trebuchet STEM Contest

Trebuchet STEM Contest


"Fall" Into Math and Literacy Night = Fun for Parents and Students!

Parents and students spent the evening walking around to classrooms searching for the next fun reading or math activity.  Students had the chance to:

  • Justify their answers to "Which One Doesn't Belong"
  • Search, identify, and color letters in the "ABC Sensory Bin"
  • Build catapults to estimate and measure distance Create funny phrases and stories with "Fall Mad Libs"
  • Take home a book after creating their own "Seasonal Poem"
  • Practice their number sense with a variety of card games Practice computation skills in the "Zombie Attacks" room
  • Kinesthetics was the theme as students took a "Book Walk" for prizes
  • Take home resources and even a homemade scrapbook!
CCES Literacy and Math Night teacher and student  CCES Literacy and Math Night activity  CCES Literacy and Math Night book walk

A Glimpse Into the Fifth Grade Hall

Ms. McNulty's class museum provides an opportunity for students to literally touch the past, a past that reflects an area specific to Charles City. Students get the opportunity to become curators for visitors and guests that stop by. Look soon for pictures of fifth graders hosting the kindergarteners as they take a "museum field trip" to 5th grade. Our fifth grade students love showing off their museum!Fifth grade hallway pictures include Ms.  McNulty's students' "Our New World!".  During their study of geographic landforms, students created continents based on what humans would want or need while exploring. The class watched the scene from "Elizabeth" where Sir Walter Raleigh describes hope upon finding land. They applied that with what they would "hope" to find after being trapped in a crowded ship for months.  In addition to the colorful continents, students put together a "Non-Fiction Text Features About Me" as a great way to get the year started with a reminder of what non-fiction features are and a way to present themselves.  Finally, students introduced themselves to Ms. McNulty with  "I am..." strips displaying how her students see themselves.

5th Grade I am Wall display   5th Artifact Museum

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