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All levels of English 9, 10, 11, and 12 will offer students instruction in writing, literary analysis, and composition. Students will build upon and improve their skills as they progress through the English courses at CCHS. Additionally, student will become more proficient in their research skill and proper citation skills.

The English courses taught at Charles City High School will equip students with the necessary communication, writing, public speaking, and active listening skills they will need to be successful in college and a career. Courses will also expose students to varied genres of literature including both fiction and nonfiction.

English Courses Offered at CCHS:


The ninth grade English student will present and critique dramatic readings of literary selections and will continue to develop proficiency in making planned oral presentations. Knowledge of literary terms and forms will be applied in the student’s own writing and in the analysis of literature. Students will be introduced to significant literary works from a variety of cultures and eras, from 1000 AD to the present.

Increased requirements for research and reporting are supported by the use of electronic databases and a standard style sheet method to cite reference sources. Writing will encompass narrative, literary, expository and technical forms, with particular attention to analysis.


Prerequisite: English 9

The tenth grade English student will become a skilled communicator in small-group learning activities. The student will read and critique literary works from a variety of eras and cultures, including those cultures studied in world geography. Attention will be given to the analysis of printed consumer information, such as labels, owners’ manuals, warranties, and contracts. The student will critique the writing of peers and professionals, using analysis to improve his or her writing skills.

ENGLISH 11 (Writing and Reading SOL)

Prerequisites: English 9 & English 10

The eleventh grade English student will be able to make and analyze persuasive oral presentations, with attention to the accuracy of evidence and the effectiveness of delivery. The student’s appreciation for literature will be enhanced by the study of American literature, both classic and contemporary. The student will be able to identify the prevalent themes and characterizations present in American literature, which are reflective of the history and culture.

The student will also be required to identify the contributions of other cultures to the development of American literature. The student will be able to write clear and accurate business and technical correspondence and reports for research and other applications in all subjects.


Recommendation required from previous grade English teacher and at least a “B” average

In honors English classes the curriculum focuses on the same basic themes and skills outlined in regular English classes but the honors level classes are taught at an advanced level and accelerated pace with greater attention to detail regarding grammar and mechanics usage and writing skills.


Prerequisites: English 9, English 10, & English 11

The twelfth grade English student will use organizational skills, audience awareness, appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and both verbal and nonverbal presentation skills to plan and deliver an effective 5-10 minute oral presentation. The student will analyze British literature and literature of other cultures, with attention to the many classic works. Writing will include the production of technical and expository papers, which are organized logically and contain clear and accurate ideas. The student will also produce a well-documented major research paper.


Prerequisites: English 9, 10, & 11

English 111 – College Composition I – 3 Semester Hours

Students must take a placement test administered by John Tyler Community College and earn a minimum score as determined by the community college.
This course introduces students to critical thinking and the fundamentals of academic writing. Through the writing process, students refine topics; develop and support ideas; investigate, evaluate, and incorporate appropriate resources; edit for effective style and usage; and determine appropriate approaches for a variety of contexts, audiences, and purposes.

Writing activities will include exposition and argumentation with at least one researched essay.

English 112 – College Composition II – 3 Semester Hours

This course continues to develop college writing with increased emphasis on critical essays, argumentation, and research, developing these competencies through the examination of a range of texts about the human experience. Requires students to locate, evaluate, integrate, and document sources and effectively edit for style and usage.


Prerequisites: Students should have taken Keyboarding, or currently enrolled in Keyboarding

Students enrolled in this class must have an interest in mass media as a career option, have a desire to write and must have maintained a “B” average in English. This course emphasizes the language of journalism, development of communication skills in writing different kinds of articles, understanding news and the process of publication, and becoming more literate consumers of mass media.

Additionally, students learn layout, design and printing processes, develop an understanding of the function of newspapers in a pluralistic society, and become more productive members of the newspaper staff. Students will be responsible for producing a monthly newspaper.


Prerequisites: Successful completion of 9th and 10th grade, and teacher recommendation. Students should be able to work independently on a college level course. The student will need to have access to a computer and the internet at home. Student work will be required outside of class time.

This course provides an overview of current psychological theory and practice. Students will explore the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals. Students will be exposed to the principles, concepts and phenomena associated with major subfields within psychology, including biological bases of behavior, cognitive and emotional processes, and diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.

In accordance with the driving principles of current psychological practice, this course will emphasize scientific method and procedure, ethical standards in research, and critical thinking skills.

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