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The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teachers students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity.  It is a cooperative effort between the Army and the Charles City High School to produce successful students and citizens, while fostering  a more constructive and disciplined learning environment.

The CCHS JROTC Cadet Corp is a wonderful educational experience that gives students the opportunity to participate in their education and learn how to become a better citizen.  The mission of the JROTC program is to motivate young people to become better citizens and engage in the world around them.  The program provides students with the tools and skills they will need to be successful not only in high school but more importantly to be successful in adulthood as a contributing members of society.

Courses Offered in Army Junior ROTC


The mission of the Army Junior ROTC program is to motivate young people to be better Americans. To accomplish this mission, the program of instruction for the first year discusses citizenship, leadership, and a number of other subjects designed to help cadets succeed in high school and after graduation.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Army Junior ROTC I

The emphasis is placed on citizenship and leadership, the development of communicative skills, incorporation of historical perspective, requirement to participate in cadet challenge, and significance of drug awareness and prevention.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Army Junior ROTC II

Army ROTC III concentrates on applied leadership development utilizing course subjects such as applied leadership, map/land navigation, and techniques of oral communications; marksmanship and safety; service/ROTC opportunities; the role of the Army; and career planning.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of JROTC III and recommendation from JROTC Instructor

The JROTC IV year will be structured to allow practical application of the cadet’s leadership duties and responsibilities within the cadet battalion. Cadets will perform their assigned command or staff duties, act as a class instructor for selected subjects such as Leadership Lab, and/or act as an assistant class instructor for subjects such as First Aid, Map Reading, etc. Academic instruction will consist of self-pace study, suggested readings, seminars, and special assignments.


November 2015

12 JROTC Appreciation Day @ Virginia War Memorial
12 Senior Convocation (Color Guard)
16 Air Rifle Meet @ Petersburg NGA
17 ASVAB Test @ CCHS
18 Cadet Photo Day
21 Drill Team Meet @ Fort Lee, Virginia

December 2015

14 Air Rifle Meet @ Petersburg NGA
19 Community Parade

January - May 2016

SODA Project: CCES 3rd Grade

February 2016

6 Huguenot HS Drill Meet
8 Air Rifle Meet @ Petersburg NGA
20 King & Queen Drill Meet
27 MOWW Rifle Meet
24 & 29 Certification Inspection

March 2016

5 JROTC Cadet Ball (Formal) @ Fort Lee, Virginia
7 Air Rifle Meet @ Petersburg NGA
16 JROTC Day (Drill Meet)
18 Air Rifle Meet Air Rifle Meet @ Petersburg NGA
22 JROTC Awards Program

June 2016

10 CCHS Graduation
24 - 29 JROTC Leadership Camp @ Fort A.P. Hill, VA

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