Charles City High School - CCHS (7-12)


CCHS – Annoucements

Mission statement

Charles City High School is a comprehensive high school that offers a wide range of courses. Our program is designed to prepare students for college, the work-place, and the military. Through collaborative efforts of our staff, parents, and the community, all students will acquire a solid educational foundation and skills that promotes character development, academic excellence, and social growth. Charles City High School is fully accredited and has continuously made adequate yearly progress.


It is the intention of Charles City High School to provide an exemplary education for all students. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards that Charles City High School will strive to achieve and maintain.

  • Leadership
    The principal at Charles City High School will:
  1. Promote the school’s vision
  2. Serve as instructional leader and closely monitor student achievement
  3. Involve teachers in the decision-making process
  4. Monitor and evaluate instructional effectiveness
  5. Maintain a climate that is productive and satisfying
  • Curriculum
  1. The curriculum through review, revision and renewal will become an ongoing tool designed to enhance our students’ development, their learning characteristics, their aspirations and their needs.
  2. Technology will be used to simplify data collection and introduce students to the concept of the worldwide classroom.
  • Climate
    The climate at Charles City High School will:
  1. Encourage behavior that instills good moral values and respect
  2. Promote an environment free of drugs and alcohol
  3. Promote a safe, secure, and supportive environment
  4. Encourage an open communication between parents, students, staff, and administrators
  5. Promote understanding of cultural diversity
  6. Provide incentives for scholastic achievement and appropriate conduct.
  7. Provide an atmosphere conducive to learning by maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio
  8. Foster higher levels of thinking to maximize students potentials
  9. Include facilities that are well maintained, meet the needs of the students and the community and reflect pride in the school
  • Personnel
    The staff at Charles City High School will:
  1. Support the school’s vision, values, and its leadership in striving to achieve the school’s vision
  2. Display the importance of lifelong learning through staff development, continued professional growth, and collaboration with colleagues in sharing professional knowledge of content areas and technology
  3. Have high expectations for all students and provide the necessary high quality instruction to achieve academic success, lead the way in character development, community involvement, and develop alliances with families to ensure each student is provided a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promote self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.
  4. Ensure curriculum, instruction, and assessment are aligned with SOL objectives
  5. Set high standards for student achievement of these SOL goals and objectives
  6. As a team help each student’s transition through high school by providing appropriate instruction, monitoring his/her progress, and offering guidance and support services tailored to individual needs to ensure as partners we produce graduates with academic, social, physical, and technological skills necessary to become a responsible productive participant in a diverse and global society today as well as tomorrow.
  • Students
    The students at Charles City High School will advocate and foster a learning environment that:
  1. Develops positive character traits
  2. Promotes self-respect as well as emotional, territorial, and physical respect for others
  3. Encourages school and community involvement
  4. Supports and rewards good conduct and positive behavior
  5. Admires those who excel academically and endeavors to model their influence
  6. Necessitates the acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions, as well as holding others accountable for their actions
  • Parent Involvement/Partnerships
  1. The community will endorse the school’s vision of the product it strives to provide
  2. The community will provide the resources that enable the district to continue to offer exemplary programs. Such resources include personnel, facilities, equipment, and time
  3. Parents will be actively involved in the education of their children. They will volunteer in the school, monitor their children’s academic performance, and work with teachers to stress the importance of education, and model a commitment to lifelong learning
  4. The community and the school will work together to promote effective two-way communication that provides both information and feedback
  5. Businesses in the community will reinforce the relevance of the school’s academic and co-curricular programs and provide a direct link between the school and the workplace

Charles City County Public Schools

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