school_counselors_help_students_buildThe School Counseling Program at Charles City Elementary School consists of three main areas: Academic Development, Personal & Social Development, and Career Development for students in grades PK-6. These areas of focus help to prepare our students for success in school and to help them develop skills that will help them become productive and responsible citizens. Visit Virginia Department of Education for more details on the State Standards for School Counselors.

School Counseling Services Offered at CCES

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Character Education Programs
  • Playing an integral part of the total education program
  • Collaborating with other educators, parents, community members, and professionals to promote and obtain the best possible learning environment for our students
  • Advocate for students
  • Assist students in transitioning to the high school

Meet our School Counselor

Arlinda Hairston

Arlinda Hairston

In the role of school counselor for Charles City Elementary School for the past twenty six years, I have cherished every opportunity of meeting and helping students, families and community stakeholders. In addition, providing students with guidance, counseling and career readiness to prepare students for the twenty first century has also been one of my primary responsibilities.

As a native of Danville, Virginia, I attended the Irvin W. Taylor Elementary School and I am a proud graduate of George Washington High School. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University where I majored in Elementary Education. I taught mathematics in several public school systems in the state of Virginia.

After completing the undergraduate program at V.C.U.; I continued to pursue a Master’s of Education in Counseling. As a lifelong learner that desires to continue the pursuit of maintaining professional credentials and gaining additional knowledge, I will complete a Master’s of Teaching with a specialty in Curriculum Instruction and Literacy from Southern New Hampshire in May of 2016. Keeping abreast of current trends in education and integrating technology are important in engaging students and preparing them with twenty first century skills and enhancing academics.

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, especially cycling and walking. I am looking forward to riding on the new bike trail that travels from Richmond to Williamsburg. Flowers are also one of my passions, I enjoy planting and caring for flowers in the spring and summer.
If you have any questions or desire counseling for you student(s); please feel free to email me at

Academic Development

The School Counseling Office at CCES will acquire skills essential to their academic success in school and beyond. This is accomplished by participating in lessons on student skills, motivation, communication, test taking skills, and time management and organization skills.

Resources for Academic Development:

Test Taking Tips
Tips for Remembering
Ten Habits of Successful Students
Motivating Yourself to Study

Personal and Social Development

Students at CCES will acquire an understanding of respect for themselves and the world around them. Additionally, students will learn and practice the characteristics of a responsible citizen. This will be accomplished by learning about bullying, character education, self-discipline, goal setting, dangers of substance abuse, and dealing with conflict.

Resources for Personal and Social Development

Red Ribbon Campaign
Quin Rivers Project Hope
Brother’s Keepers Inc.

Below are some websites that you may find helpful when supporting a child who is experiencing bullying:

Kids Health
Stop Bullying Now

Career Development

Students at CCES will explore and investigate the world of work. Students will learn about jobs and careers from guest speakers, career guidance lessons, and Career Day.

Resources for Career Development

Virginia Wizard
Career Town
Virginia Career View

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