Molly Bacigal

Get to know Ms. Bacigal, our Reading Teacher


Hello. My name is Molly S. Bacigal. This is my 29th year as a teacher for Charles City County Public Schools. I have taught in the primary grades 1-3, however the majority of my experience has been in teaching reading to students of all ages. Before coming to Charles City, I taught in Rockbridge County, Va., Charleston, SC, and a private school in Hanover County, Va. I enjoy helping students who need a little “jump start” to get them going on the path to literacy. I believe that learning is a life-time experience, and I cannot think of a better way to prepare someone for life than teaching them to read. Not only do I want them to be skillful readers, but I also want to instill in them the love of reading I want them to be passionate about it.. In my opinion, once the spark is ignited, they will “take off” and continue to blossom.

For a personal snap shot of my life, I grew up in Tazewell County, Va. and I attended Concord College in Athens, ,WVa.. I have three lovely grand children who attend school in Henrico County. The two girls are involved in dramatic activities, and I enjoy seeing them perform from time to time. The oldest grandson is training for cross country. I love animals, and I’m always adopting homeless cats. In fact, there is a sign outside my house that reads’ A cat lover lives here. My friends jokingly say ”Molly these cats are learning to read too, because they keep showing up at your house”. My response is,” I guess that’s the mark of a good reading teacher” (HA! HA!)

Finally I am committed to my service to Charles City County. I will continue to work hard for the students, my colleagues, and my superiors. I am grateful for this opportunity to use my skills and experience to promote literacy skills Please feel free to contact me for your ideas and input into the reading program and learning process.