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13         SB Meeting 6:30 p.m

21-23   Thanksgiving Holiday


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20-31  Winter Break



CCES "Fall" Math & Literacy Night= Full for All!

Parents and students spent the evening walking around to classrooms searching for the next fun reading or math activity.  Students had the chance to:

Justify their answers to "Which One Doesn't Belong"

Search, identify, and color letters in the "ABC Sensory Bin"

Build catapults to estimate and measure distance Create funny phrases and stories with "Fall Mad Libs"

Take home a book after creating their own "Seasonal Poem"

Practice their number sense with a variety of card games Practice computation skills in the "Zombie Attacks" room

Kinesthetics was the theme as students took a "Book Walk" for prizes

Take home resources and even a homemade scrapbook!

CCES Literacy and Math Night teacher and student  CCES Literacy and Math Night book walk  CCES Literacy and Math Night activity

Cafeteria Update

October 11, 2018

Over the past few weeks, concerns have been expressed from parents and community members regarding the presence of mold at both our high school and elementary school. This community concern is certainly understandable, especially given the unique amount of humidity and moisture that has been present in our weather.  

On September 27th, we sent out an update to our families and community confirming the results of extensive mold testing at the high school by Mold Test USA, a national mold inspection and consultation company. Samples taken from areas in and around our cafeteria revealed that spore counts for all indicators were light to undetectable, thus testing below normal limits. Additionally, the communication from this date outlined the action steps and measures that were taken to ensure the safety and health of our students and their learning environment.

In an effort to provide an additional layer of confirmation and assurance to our families, employees and community, CCPS set up a larger and more extensive round of tests for allergens, mold and particles at both of our school buildings. Mold Test USA, who, as indicated above, completed our last round of tests at the high school, returned to the elementary and high schools on Saturday morning, October 6, 2018 to perform sample tests taken from random areas covering the entire square footage of both school buildings. These samples were sent to a lab for analysis and the school division received the official test results yesterday.

The samples and test results from this more extensive testing at both of our schools confirmed spore counts and indicators that were all light to undetectable across all categories.

CCPS will work with the Chickahominy Health Department to provide them with the results of all of our testing. Additionally, we will be inviting the Health Department out to our schools again over the remaining weeks of October to allow them to inspect our facilities as a courtesy and to provide additional feedback and suggestions. To date, the Health Department has noted that the school division has responded immediately and satisfactorily to the initial concerns that were shared with the community through our first two communications.

Our high school students have moved back into the cafeteria and have been dining in this area of the building since September 28th. Damaged or discolored ceiling tiles have been replaced at both schools and reported leaks have been repaired. Our Maintenance staff continues to monitor any reported leaks that might occur in our building roofs. Finally, the school division is completing the replacement of 30 air conditioning units at both buildings and has installed new HVAC units in the high school media center and the elementary school multi-purpose room. Each existing unit has been inspected and provided with required maintenance to ensure that our climate conditions are consistent and able to remove any moisture and humidity from air in our buildings.

With this last and more extensive round of testing completed along with these measures and actions, we will continue to monitor our progress and work to continue maintaining and repairing any items that could potentially cause an issue with moisture or mold. Our building environments continue to be safe and below the normal limits of allergens and particles.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time and for your review of our communication through these past weeks.

Celebrating Constitution Day

DConstitution Day HS 2018-19uring Mr. Brown’s Civics classes students had the opportunity not only to be introduced to replica primary document of the Declaration of Independence but also had the opportunity to explore the Bill of Rights in depth with partners.  Students were given the opportunity to modernize these documents by putting them in their own words.

Charles City County Public Schools Are Fully Accredited 

It is official!  The Virginia Department of Education has released final results and  they show that for a second consecutive year both CCES and CCHS are fully accredited by the state.  Way to go CCPS students and staff!

Bus Routes for 2018-2019

Click on the school bus below to view the bus routes for 2018-19 school year.

Yellow School Bus Clip Art

Virginia Secretary of Education Visits CCES

This morning, the Virginia’s Secretary of Education, Atif Qarni, visited CCES with officials from the Governor’s and Educational Offices, to deliver school supplies for our teachers and students. The Secretary was treated to a tour of CCES and was able to see everything, from our newly-installed playground equipment for greater student equity, to our teacher classrooms. He took time to talk to our teachers and wish them well for the coming school year. Additionally, we had a great opportunity to speak with the Secretary regarding the challenges we continue to work with here in Charles City, as well as some of the possible legislative items that his office and the Governor can support in the upcoming General Assembly Session to assist us in better assisting our students.

Our Central Office has Moved

Our Central Office has moved! Our new location is at 10035 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 23030.

CCHS Makes National Ranking In U.S. News

Well….we did it! For the second year in a row, Charles City High School made the top state and national rankings of high schools, maintaining its consistent Bronze Medal Ranking in the nation (within the top 20% of high schools in the country) and moving up to what appears to be 71 in the rankings of top 118 high schools in their statewide rankings in Virginia. The link below should take everyone to the report and overview for the 2018 data:


While this is one ranking and set of indicator criteria, as I shared last year, the national nature and name-recognition that goes with this publication and their annual rankings of high schools, colleges and universities is significant.

Congratulations to our faculty and staff for their continued success.  We are pleased to be able to count our high school among the best in the state and the nation!


Charles City County Public Schools

10035 Courthouse Road | Charles City, VA 23030

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